Assortment Set of 60 Colors (5ml)

Assortment Set of 60 Colors (5ml)

W4011 is a assortment set of 60 Artist Watercolors in 5ml tubes.

Set Contents:
[table width=”800px”]
Item #, Color Name,,
W009, Permanent Alizarin Crimson, W046, Greenish Yellow, W101, Peacock Blue
W011, Carmine, W077, Leaf Green, W104, Horizon Blue
W013, Opera, W061, Viridian Hue, W170, Bright Rose
W015, Cadmium Red Deep, W063, Cobalt Green, W114, Permanent Magenta
W017, Cadmium Red Purple, W064, Emerald Green Nova, W118, Rose Violet
W019, Vermilion Hue, W066, Permanent Green No.1, W112, Mineral Violet
W022, Scarlet Lake, W067, Permanent Green No.2, W115, Permanent Violet
W024, Cherry Red, W072, Compose Green No.2, W134, Burnt Sienna
W025, Brilliant Pink, W074, Olive Green, W131, Raw Umber
W026, Shell Pink, W062, Hooker’s Green, W133, Burnt Umber
W032, Jaune Brillant No.2, W075, Sap Green, W136, Sepia
W030, Naples Yellow, W065, Terre Verte, W151, Yellow Grey
W033, Lemon Yellow, W079, Shadow Green, W153, Grey of Grey
W036, Permanent Yellow Light, W092, Cerulean Blue, W155, Davy’s Grey
W037, Permanent Yellow Deep, W091, Cobalt Blue Hue, W156, Payne’s Grey
W038, Permanent Yellow Orange, W094, Ultramarine Deep, W138, Ivory Black
W047, Brilliant Orange, W097, Prussian Blue, W002, Chinese White
W048, Gamboge Nova, W098, Indigo, W003, Titanium White
W039, Yellow Ochre, W102, Marine Blue, W190, Gold
W034, Yellow Grey, W095, Verditer Blue, W191, Silver


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