Plastic Box Set of 15 Colors (10ml)

Plastic Box Set of 15 Colors (10ml)

D425 is a set of 15 color set which consists of 14 colors in 10ml tubes and 1 Titanium White in a 20ml tube. The 15 colors are combined with an 18 sheet paper palette, a painting cloth, a color wheel mixing guide, a ruler and ruler brush guide, 3 brushes, a palette cleaning sponge and a 10 well plastic palette which doubles as a snap lid to a convenient plastic case for safe keeping and travel.

Set Contents:

[table width=”800px”]
Carmine, Ultramarine Deep, Ruler
Scarlet, Violet, Ruler Brush Guide
Deep Yellow, Burnt Sienna, Small Round Brush
Lemon Yellow, Jet Black, Large Round Brush
Jaune Brillant, Titanium White (10ml), 3/8″ Flat Brush
Light Green, Titanium White (20ml), Palette Cleaning Sponge
Viridian, Paper Palette, Plastic Palette
Light Blue, Painting Cloth, Plastic Case
Sky Blue, Color Wheel Mixing Guide,

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